Congratulations to Rylee Grissom

Today she was awarded the “Mary Award” for being obedient and putting others wishes before her own.

Josh Clayton

Congratulations to our pastor, Josh Clayton. He graduates from Memphis Theological Seminary, today. He receives his Master’s of Divinity. Yesterday at awards day he received the Hoyt Hickman Academic Award for superior academic performance and superior practical skill in liturgy.


Josh was awarded for bringing up his scores in the ready math and reading for 5th grade

Whitley Froman

Graduating to next level!!!

Congratulations!!! Chorney family!

New Grand Baby!!!



National Championship!!!

Our Youth at the Creekside Academy!


Creekside Academy Technology Robotics Team. They won the 1st place South's B.E.S.T. OVERALL as well as multiple other awards this past weekend.



Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Plans to move to Georgia in the spring for Medical Sales training and begin career in Medical Equipment Sales.

Loretto Mustangs 10-0 2023 SEAS0N!!!

Head Coach Barry Daniel

Congratulations to Barry Daniel ( Head coach) and the Loretto Mustangs for their perfect 10-0 season !!!

Bailey Shaddix McCain

Congratulations Baptized October 15, 2023

Congratulations Bailey!

Ed and Sandra Palmer

Welcome new members!

Joined 9/1/2023

David and Lacy Ashley

Welcome New Members!

Congratulations to David and Lacy Ashley for becoming new members of the Killen Methodist Church!!!!

Billy and Harolene Simmons

Congratulations New Members!

Welcome to the Killen Church!!!

Jeremy and Jessica Thompson

Joined Church 5/28/23

Congratulations!!!! NEW CHURCH MEMBERS!

Kenadie Edwards



Selah Fields

Graduation from Auburn

Kathryn Leatherwood

Graduation from UNA

Anna LIndsey


Anna got accepted into the Design Engineering Technology program at Northwest Shoals and accepted a Robotics Scholarship! GO ANNA!

Caroline McAdams

College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering Dean's Award!

Congratulations Caroline!!


Craig Perry

Joined the Church 4/24/2023

Ruth Lindsey

Baptized Today! 4/9/23

Baptized today!!Congratulations to Ruth Lindsey. Ruth was baptized Easter Sunday 4/9/23

Ethan Blasingame

BAPTIZED today 4/2/2023

Andy and Janet Chorney

New Members!

Welcome Andy and Janet Chorney into the fellowship and ministry of Killen Methodist.

Nick Roberson

Mr Brooks High School

Congratulations on being chosen as Mr BHS for2023

Mackenzie Cramer and Faith Roberson

National Honor Society 2023

Brooks High School National Honor's Society 2023

Cash Grissom

National Honor's Society

Brooks High School National Honor's Society March 8,2023

Allie Craig Cruce


Congratulations to Allie Craig Cruce. Allie Craig gave her life to Christ and was baptized Sunday February 19th.

Ruth Lindsey

Accepted Christ TODAY!!!! 3/12/23

All heaven rejoices!!!! Congratulations to Ruth Lindsey. Ruth gave her life to Christ today 3/12/23.

Mackenzie Cramer

New Member

Congratulations to Mackenzie Cramer on becoming a part of the ministry at Killen GMC

Rick and Mona Ashley

New Members!

Welcome Rick and Mona Ashley into the fellowship and ministry of Killen Methodist.

Alan and Debra Bragwell

New Members!!!

We welcome Alan and Debra Bragwell on becoming new members of the Killen GMC. 2/5/2023

Payton Edwards


Congratulations to Payton Edwards. Payton gave her life to Christ and was baptized Sunday January 8th.

Nick Roberson

Senior of the year!

Nick Roberson Senior Brooks High President of Student Council Brooks Senior of the year. Valedictorian Class of 2023 Nick loves the Lord. He is a kind, caring, loving and considerate person. Congratulations to Nick Roberson!